How It Works


How does servicing with Medport benefit my practice?

The administration and collection (i.e. servicing) of personal injury receivables is a whole different animal from private and government payer reimbursement. Payment can slip through your fingers if you don’t stay on top of cases. We’re experts at this and have developed a process over the last 15 years spanning case statusing, negotiations and collections to maximize the collection of medical lien-backed receivables.

Let’s talk about security

We take you and your patients’ privacy very seriously. Our systems and data are secured by Switch at their Nevada SUPERNAP datacenter, which is certified Tier IV Gold in Operations, Security and Maintenance by the Uptime Institute. We don’t know what that means either but we do trust that they’re the best in the business.


What kind of providers does Medport work with?

We’re proud to work with America’s quality providers and trained, board-certified physicians. We fund all sub-services: imaging centers, hospitals, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic & neurosurgeons, ambulatory surgery centers, neurology, psychology, and pain management physicians.

What don’t we do?

We take no part in directing a patient’s treatment. Quality physicians such as yourself make your own referrals and medical decisions. Your care and your billing schedule are strictly determined by you; we work around your policies.


How does funding with Medport benefit my practice?

Treating under- or un-insured personal injury victims on a medical lien / LOP is difficult for your practice because the receivables sit dormant for years before they can be collected. Medport provides immediate cash flow against those receivables under customized financial structures that best fit your practice’s needs and goals. We consider all lien/LOP-backed receivables regardless of age; they can be brand new or several years old. This means your practice can economically treat injured patients who don’t have health insurance and gain financial stability. Two birds with one stone; that’s how we like to do things.

How much do you fund?

Funding structure is custom tailored to your business’ needs and objectives. Since structure varies by customer, we can’t get into too much detail here. However, we can tell you that no account is too big or too small. Give us a shout, we’re happy to discuss.

How long does funding take?

Provided we get all the paperwork in time, we consistently fund within 48 business hours.

Medport is your practice’s personal injury solution